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Talks Disability with Dr. Alexandra Gartrell

Talks Disability with Dr. Alexandra Gartrell

October 11, 2018

Understanding how disability fits into the concept of sustainability is critical to upholding the United Nation’s Sustainability Development Goal objective of leaving no one behind.

This week we chat with Dr. Alexandra Gartrell who is currently an Adjunct Research Fellow at Monash University. Alex has been conducting research on disability inclusive development in resource poor settings and the multiple forms of vulnerability associated with disability, gender and poverty in international development contexts, particularly in Cambodia for the last 15 years.

Her work has examined the particular barriers men and women with disabilities experience in relation to employment, health care, disaster risk reduction and climate change, and identified practical strategies to address these together with disabled people's organisations. Alex previously worked with the Australian Red Cross and Oxfam Australia which has contributed to her comprehensive knowledge on what sustainability means to her and more importantly, in the context of disability.

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Talks Sustainable Business with Wendy Stubbs

Talks Sustainable Business with Wendy Stubbs

September 26, 2018

Is business part of the solution or the problem? Let’s understand what role business plays in making the world a more sustainable place.

In this episode we are joined by Associate Professor Wendy Stubbs. Having worked as a Corporate Executive in the IT and Telecommunications sector, Wendy sought to understand how business could more effectively fulfil its social, environmental and economic responsibilities. She has a PhD in corporate sustainability and developed a ‘sustainability business model’ integrating sustainability at the core of business development. Wendy is now the Coordinator for the corporate specialisation of the Master of Environment & Sustainability at Monash University.

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Talks Sustainable Fashion with Aleasha McCallion and Emily Wills

Talks Sustainable Fashion with Aleasha McCallion and Emily Wills

September 21, 2018

With the rise in fast fashion and trends changing quicker than ever let’s pause to understand how we can be more sustainable in our fashion choices.

In this episode we are joined byAleasha McCallion and Emily Wills. Aleasha holds a Masters of Fashion (Entrepreneurship), she has worked with Ethical Clothing Australia, and taught Ethical Sustainable Fashion Business at Fashion Masters. Emily Wills holds a Masters in Cross Disciplinary Art + Design and lectures at RMIT University.

With their clued-in perspectives we will discuss, what is sustainable fashion? What should we be looking out for as consumers and how can we reduce our environmental and social fashion footprint? 

Links mentioned in this episode:

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Fashion Revolution Who Made My Clothes?

Go On You app

2018 Ethical Fashion Guide

2019 Australian Circular Fashion Conference

Australian Council of Fashion Sustainability Portal

B-Corporation Certification

ECA Accreditation

AFC Curated Program


Citizen Wolf

Good Day Girl

Lois Hazel

Nobody Denim

Manning Cartell

Victoria and Woods

Sarah Conners Accessories

Organic Soapberries

Ellen MacArthur Foundation A New Textiles Economy Report

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Talks Food Waste with OzHarvest’s Annika Stott

Talks Food Waste with OzHarvest’s Annika Stott

September 11, 2018

The old saying goes that "you are what you eat".... but what about what you don't eat? Food waste is a growing issue globally with significant sustainability impacts. Let's find out the extent of the problem and what we can do to make good waste a thing of the past.

In this episode we are joined by Annika Stott the Sustainability Strategist at OzHarvest, Australia’s leading food rescue organisation. Annika is dedicated to fighting food waste and has spent the last five years working in sustainability and food waste prevention, starting with the UK’s independent advisory body WRAP. Annika is passionate about reducing food waste and has extensive knowledge in the complexities of food waste from farm to fork. Annika believes in making the world a better place by reconnecting people with the value of food and the power of individual action.

Find out more about OzHarvest at 

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Talks Sustainability with Dr. Susie Ho

Talks Sustainability with Dr. Susie Ho

September 6, 2018

The term "sustainability" is used in many different ways by many different people in today's society. Let's go back to basics to understand its meaning and scientific origin as well as the multi-disciplinary nature of sustainability today.

In this episode we are joined by Dr. Susie Ho, an esteemed science and sustainability academic. Susie has a background in ecology, working at the Murray-Darling Freshwater Research Centre and holds a PhD in which she explored the factors that enable native and invasive species to coexist. Susie is the Course Coordinator for the Master of Environment and Sustainability at Monash University, where she designs and delivers innovative education programs to future leaders and changemakers.  

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